To say that for destruction ice

Look behind the window, winter’s come with a vengeance.

Even climate alarmists seem to accept the fact that next global ice age is delayed by human activities relating to pollution and/or emission of greenhouse gases. The current interglacial has already reached significant life span. This wasn’t inevitable. And natural cycles of orbital forcing which govern climate dynamics are even poorer understood than possible connection between reduced solar activity and cooling periods.

It’s always useful to remind yourself (and ecoshamans, if perchance you’re so unlucky to work with them or to reside in a country when they dominate energy politics) that only 15% of Earth history timeline hitherto was spent in the icehouse Earth state, i.e., when ice caps are manifested on mountain peaks and in polar zones. The other 85% could be described by what eco-alarmists would nowadays have called sauna conditions. For example, during Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, long before advent of humanity, temperature on Earth jumped to levels at least 6–8 deg higher than today. By the way, PETM polar heating mechanism remains largely unexplained. However, middle Eocene had already seen beginnings of the South Polar glaciation.

Truly efficient protocols for curbing CO2 emission were implemented by civilizations of that epoch, indeed!

Maybe surplus carbon had been converted to nanosheets they needed for astroengineering.


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