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That series of epitomical trumpophobic posts clearly lacks appropriate blurb like Approved and recommended by International Tinfoil Hat Union. But, of course, if you want to believe something, you are completely free to force yourself to believe it, considering January is the darkest month. That’s more to it than meets the mote in their eyes. Therefrom across the pond danger of the next civil war in the United States seems looming, if not due to unprecedented media backlash against Trump, then due to almost equidivisive partition of American nation just like last summer in the UK when Brexit stricken. Previous government of the US not only turned out to be a huge disappointment on the internal arena, but also showed itself prone to Cold War cosplay, eerily close to runaway escalation not once. Well, may their long-imminent next civil war be cold, not smoking hot. Murica is the superpower amidst unresolved transformational crisis from Republic to Empire, it might itch down there.


The She-Prisoner`s Dilemma: (B)locked-down Lives Matter / Death to Quarantine Zealots. 翻譯