I have a vague feeling that your plan to subvert enemy Pickett’s charge three years prior, crying wolf out loud, will not have mixed particularly well with reality checks down the road when your only reaction to motivations provided by opponents is silence tinged with superiority. Like if, to name a couple of examples,

If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black


With a sufficient dose of truth serum, most Republican politicians would likely confess that Biden won in 2020, but the great mass of lumpen Trumpers, who believe the Big Lie with unshakable force, oblige them to pretend otherwise

is nothing less than absolutely sane worldview. (Spoiler: this is not the case.)

In short, the most compelling answer to Trumpist patently moronic allegations Barton Gellman could provide boils down to

None of this is normal.

Well, the same should be said about every cancel culture & deplatforming travesty show in existence, from Mother Jones to Washington Post. You have the next civil war looming over your heads? And still you’re able only to grudge about whether orange dye is the ethically sourced coloring tool for safety cap.




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Loaded Dice

Loaded Dice


The She-Prisoner`s Dilemma: once I longed for a love I’d missed, now I’m begging for limitless disillusions. 翻譯