A bit of secularity is a welcome addition for every religion in a long term, lest it wants to be fully decoupled from the societal changes and best interests.

For example, Chinese peasant uprisings, starting from the most disastrous ones in times of Western and Eastern Han dynasties, were mostly fueled by folk taoists religious cults whose members, poor uneducated people disenfranchised from public affairs or matters of administration, had sought divine confession of sins and purification on the path of supreme peace. Nostalgia about the dreamtime of Epic Poohs was in full swing.

Yellow Turban Rebellion, which broke in February 184 CE under these slogans, led to subsequent civil wars, massacres of truly inhumane proportions in the then-already most populous empire on Earth, rule of terror, ransacking the tombs for treasures and burning of the capital.

A very specific purification path, indeed.




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Loaded Dice

Loaded Dice


The She-Prisoner`s Dilemma: once I longed for a love I’d missed, now I’m begging for limitless disillusions. 翻譯