Some female writer was destined to win, as Hugo nowadays seems clearly to have been awarded according to the (not so global as it may appear when looking from inside the Anglosphere) gender agenda first, quality of the works submitted second. Or even hundredth. It’s not a crime per se, but, when conflict of intra-genre generations is eminent, it’s always better to conceive new awards instead of renaming traditional ones.

Ng’s acceptance speech and all the scandal that enveloped JCMA in 2019 looks now just a prologue to less peaceful protests, the award itself promptly forgotten, as it has not been given again since. So Ng’s disgusting histrionic speech, in fact, destroyed it. For worse.

After Jony Ive was exorcised, Apple MacBook design team seems to have crawled from the drain hole they had explored earlier, trying to make their laptops as thin and light as butterfly’s touch-sensitive wings. However, it looks like the aforementioned hole just can’t stay flushed and sealed, so Dell now begins the downward travel.

They even managed to excise headphone jack from this apple-infused alteration of XPS. Apple, to note, hadn’t the courage to remove it.

Of course, why shouldn’t Dell think they have a guarantee of success? After all, Lenovo had already tried… and stays in business.

Если у вас на Новый год слишком тепло для лыжных забегов, из мешка Деда Мороза все же способен вывалиться подарок, который с учетом интереса к определенным мировым культурам — в моем случае почти профессионального — вполне компенсирует такую оттепель.

Но юнгианской синхроничности ли он повинуется — или просто букмекерским котировкам на вероятного победителя медального зачета ОИ в Пекине?


Loaded Dice

Loaded Dice

The She-Prisoner`s Dilemma: (B)locked-down Lives Matter / Death to Quarantine Zealots. 翻譯